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Catalytic Converter Alarm System

Vehicle Protector 3At Vehicle Protector extensive research has been carried out on the ever increasing problem of Catalytic Converter theft. All the methods used to steal Catalytic Converters have been tested with the Vehicle Protector 3 to ensure that any attempt to remove the Catalytic Converter, DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) and Exhaust System will be met by the activation of the independent alarm system.

In addition to this, the engine compartment of both passenger and commercial vehicles (12v + 24v) will be protected by Vehicle Protector 3 with the introduction of a bonnet / hood sensor. Thatcham accreditation provides peace of mind that Vehicle Protector 3 has achieved the highest level of testing.

The Smart Technology Detection Sensors have been designed to recognise all types of attacks including cutting, burning and unbolting of the Catalytic Converter. Any attempt to remove or interfere with sensors or wiring will result in an immediate alarm condition, making Vehicle Protector 3 totally secure.

The Vehicle Protector 3 is a universal product, enabling it to fit all vehicles with any size of Catalytic Converter. As an independent system, Vehicle Protector 3 does not require any cutting or patching into the vehicle's integral wiring system. This enables the system to be fitted within a short period of time.

Optional Extras:

  • High Density strobe lights
  • SMS text alerts / paging devices are also available on the Vehicle Protector 3.